Monday, May 10, 2010

Buying A House: A Timeline

Dec 09'--we made the decision to buy a house in 2010
Jan 10'--start saving money for down payment
Feb 13 2010
--took 1st time home buyer's class

Feb 14 2010
--found the house we wanted to buy (pending inside inspection)
Feb 17 2010--got our real estate agent
Feb 20 2010
--viewed the inside of our house

Feb 22 2010
--made an offer

Feb 26 2010
--agreed upon a closing date of Mar 31st

Mar 1- Mar 15
--house inspected, house appraised, signed paperwork, got: bank statements, pay stubs, old tax returns, a hand written note saying I currently had no income what so ever, from any source

Mar 15- Mar 31--more paper work, older bank statements, older pay stubs, older tax returns, a compilation and explanation of Dave's work history for the past 4 years
Mar 31--move out of our apartment and into my parents' house until loan is approved (9 or so days we were told : ))
April 1--submit our loan application
April 20
--our loan is approved

April 21
--the loan documents go to "recording" and come back same day, we get the keys to our house!

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