Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Dave's Great Grandparents, The Hughes

Say "Hello" to Harold's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Hughes. No, I don't know their first names, and as it turns out Dave is not a valuable resource for this kind of information. (ease up on him, I mean, it's only HIS family). ; D This is a nice picture of them, and the best one we could find. It's also nice to know what Dave will look like when he's 60 yrs. old or so!

This is a picture of Harold's wife Mary (Dave's Grandma) standing next to her mother-in-law Mrs. Hughes. This picture was probably taken when Harold and Mary first got married. What a bunch of pretty ladies--and I'm not just saying that because my daughter's look like them. Ok, maybe a little.

**Update: I asked Dave to call his mom and find out the names of his great-grandparents. They are Mr. Grady Hughes and Mrs. Evan Hughes. Yes, Grandma Hughes' first name was Evan. (pretty awesome).

Here is a picture of Grady and Evan Hughes, with their 3 youngest kids, ya know the ones still livnig at home. At this point their youngest child is only a few years younger than their oldest grand-child. (Dave's Uncle Danny).

Dave's Great-Great-Great-Great grandparents, we think

So this is what Dave and I have managed to piece together from the pictures and the notes other family members have left.We don't know their first names but the couple above are Mama and Papa Adcock. Remember the picture of Dave's grandpa? Harold Hughes? Well, Mama and Papa Adcock are Harold's grandparents on his mother's side. (we think, possibly great-grandparents).

This picture is of Papa and Mama Adcock and their five children. So one of the children are Harold's mom (possibly grandpa or grandma).
But again we are not sure. These pictures look pretty old. We figure Harold was born c. 1935 and all the girls look grown up (which back then meant they would be having children) and it doesn't look like anywhere close to 1935. More than likely, Mama & Papa Adcock are Harold's great-grandparents, and one of their children is Harold's grandma or grandpa.

Confused yet? Well just disregard everything I just said and know that these are Dave's relatives from the 1800's- turn of the century.

And no we don't know who wrote the names at the top of the picture (that would certainly help figure things out though).

The boy on the very far right, holding the gun, looks a whole lot like Dave! Especially the nose. As we go threw more pictures (yes, there's more) you're gonna see that nose a lot! This family's got some strong noses......err I mean genes!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Family Resemblence

See this man? This is Harold Hughes. Does he look familiar? He should, he is Dave's grandpa on his mother's side and Dave looks almost exactly like him! And so do my children and my nieces and my nephews, to some degree.

So if you want to see a picture of Jackson, here ya go! It's just been time lapsed about 18yrs.!

Ps. The Hughes side of Dave's family is having a reunion this summer so everyone is sharing pictures. We have NO pictures of Dave when he was little, or I should say, his mother has no pictures of Dave when he was little. So as the other family member share them, I will post them so you can see how adorable Dave was (ahem....IS). ; )

The Teeth are coming!

Jackson has had a breakthrough--literally. One of his bottom teeth has FINALLY broken through! Which means he's that much closer to eating table foods/ solid foods. You see, he doesn't like baby food. I don't know if it's because of the taste or because of the texture- it's practically a liquid. He does like those melt-in-your-mouth baby foods Gerber (I think) makes. I get the impression he would just like to skip the whole soupy-baby-food stage and go right to table food eating. But you can't do that with gums! : D

So what's with the picture above? It's certainly NOT Jackson. (That's a girl) You would think a post about Jackson would include a picture of him, right? Wrong. My current camera, that I just recently bought, does not upload to my computer so, I cannot post pictures. I just thought that baby with the fake buck teeth was the most hilarious thing I've ever seen!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

There's good busy and there's bad busy

Our lives' here at the Howard house are naturally busy. Sometimes we are busy in a good way: like last weekend when we babysit CK's (cousin Kari's) baby Brody so she could get some rest. She was sick with a nasty flu.

He is a sweet little baby with the most gorgeous blue eyes. It's really fun to watch him and Jackson interact. The girls' can't get enough of him, or the fact they have another baby to play with! Unfortunately though, sometimes we are busy in a bad way: like the next 6 days we spent dealing with the aforementioned nasty flu that CK had. Each one of us has gotten it in succession starting with me, Jack-Jack, Ella, Malina and now finally Dave. It lasts about 3-4 days and it involves alot of indescribable body functions. Lucky for you, I won't go into details.

Speaking of lucky, I do forgive my cousin for getting us sick but only because she's family. And because she let's me call her "CK".

Last Sunday, right before all the sickness started, was a day of celebration:
Jackson turned 7mo old!
I have been successfully breast feeding for 7mo!
We have used cloth diapers for 7mo!

Why is the feeding and defecating of my child exciting? Simple. Because we weren't sure we could handle it.

Breast feeding had been a problem with each of the girls'; my milk dried up when they were about 4mo. This time with Jackson, I was determined to make it work. What has helped the most is that I haven't lost any of the baby weight so I have a nice fat reserve to draw from. Just imagine me as a fat mama black bear, just not as cute. Every now and then I could feel my milk supply starting to dwindle, I would drink Mother's Milk Tea. When I bought the tea I had my doubts of it actually working but I was determined to try anything to keep my milk production up, no matter how ridiculous it seemed but, to their credit it does work.

When I told my friends, family, and husband that I wanted to cloth diaper our baby I was met with alot of raised eyebrows. You know that ones that say " what you want but you're crazy for doing it". My reason was very simple: we were going from a 2- person income, to a 1-person income and we needed to cut bills dramatically! I figured we could save about $2000 if we cloth diapered Jackson until he was 3yr. old. (Which is about how old the girls' were when they were potty trained).

Many people have varying opinions about cloth diapering, whether they do it or not. Some people find the act of folding cloth diapers relaxing, others tote the benefits for mother earth, and still others find it's not for them.

For me, I can't say I find folding diapers relaxing; it's just more laundry for me to do. And I can't just conveniently throw the diaper away when it gets soiled in public. I have to carry it around in my diaper bag until I get home. The truth is, I would rather not use cloth diapers but, there are also alot of things I would rather not do, like: clean the bathroom, wash my dishes, take out the garbage, etc. So really, that's not a good excuse. What I do like is that with just a little bit more work and slight inconvenience I save a good deal of money, which means I can afford to stay home with my kids--who help me fold cloth diapers.