Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Dave's Great Grandparents, The Hughes

Say "Hello" to Harold's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Hughes. No, I don't know their first names, and as it turns out Dave is not a valuable resource for this kind of information. (ease up on him, I mean, it's only HIS family). ; D This is a nice picture of them, and the best one we could find. It's also nice to know what Dave will look like when he's 60 yrs. old or so!

This is a picture of Harold's wife Mary (Dave's Grandma) standing next to her mother-in-law Mrs. Hughes. This picture was probably taken when Harold and Mary first got married. What a bunch of pretty ladies--and I'm not just saying that because my daughter's look like them. Ok, maybe a little.

**Update: I asked Dave to call his mom and find out the names of his great-grandparents. They are Mr. Grady Hughes and Mrs. Evan Hughes. Yes, Grandma Hughes' first name was Evan. (pretty awesome).

Here is a picture of Grady and Evan Hughes, with their 3 youngest kids, ya know the ones still livnig at home. At this point their youngest child is only a few years younger than their oldest grand-child. (Dave's Uncle Danny).

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