Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Meet the Howard's: Ella edition

Name: Ella Noeme

Age: 3yr. 5mo.

Sign: Cancer

Likes: Jumping, laughing, sweet potatoes, silly things, singing, dressing up like a princess, dancing, ice cream

Dislikes: being teased by Malina, being interrupted while she's playing, ghosts

Hobbies: ballet, tap dance, and gymnastics at the Little Gym, finging money on the ground to put in her piggy bank, collecting stickers

Malina's favorite thing about Ella: "Ella's not bothering me"

Best known for: confusing sentences: "I took the marker, but I didn't, but I did",

Sunday, December 13, 2009


Hooray! Dave got a promotion at work and is now the foreman on the job where he works. Instead of having some schmoe tell him what to do, he's gonna be the schmoe telling everyone else what to do! ; ) He has been working really hard for this and it's nice to see hard work rewarded. Congratulations, we are so proud of you!

* "My father taught me to work; he did not teach me to love it." --Abraham Lincoln
* "People might not get all they work for in this world, but they must certainly work for all they get."--Frederick Douglas
* "The reward for work well done is the opportunity to do more." --Jonas Salk

Friday, December 11, 2009

All I want for Christmas.....

At Christmas time, we tend to do more fun shopping than we normally do all year. Buying and making presents for friends, family, and little kiddos. Consequently I always see ALOT of stuff that if I could, I would buy because they are on sale at this time of year and it is usually the cheapest price I can find them. (usually). It takes all my will power not to just give in and spend the 100's of dollars I'd like to but, if I could ; ) , this is what I'd buy:

A Homesteading series, which compiles alot of the "home-craft" I'm into, all in one set: www.franklinsprings.com/films/hsbsixpack/

And always, always, always, I am dreaming about eating at The Herb Farm (yum): http://www.theherbfarm.com/dining/
(The Herb Farm never has "sales" to speak of, the cold-weather just makes me think of good food! : D)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Meet the Howard's: Jackson edition

Name: Jackson Vassar

Age: 3 2/3 mo.

Sign: Leo

Likes: smiling, laughing, making funny noises, being naked, music, being sung to, splashing in the bath tub, Mommy, his sisters talking to him, his dangly elephant toy--when he can grab onto it

Dislikes: being cold, wet diapers, being alone, his dangly elephant toy--when he CAN'T grab onto it

Hobbies: breast feeding, shopping with Mommy, kicking and wiggling when he gets excited

Teeth: teething, expecting first tooth soon

Sleeping: average at night is 5-6 hrs. before he wakes up, although he's slept up to 10 hrs.

Best known for: being a happy, easy-going baby