Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sad, mad, bad. bad camera.

Ah alas, I cannot figure out how to (literally) plug my USB cable that connects my camera to my computer and therefore allows me to up load my pix from my camera to my computer. This is really bumming me out! Especially because, before we moved I had no problem figuring out how to plug my camera in but now, for some reason, I cannot figure it out? (!)

Anyhow, life here continues as normal except the poor girls are going BONKERS! They are only so mess-free activities they can do indoors! They have resorted to being my little helpers, just to keep themselves entertained with something to do. This means, even if I don't want their "help", I get a double dose of it anyway! :) It seems there are a couple of things Malina can do on her own (w/ only semi-constant supervison)that makes her feel like a big kid, and that she doesn't make a bigger mess in the process of doing it (THIS is the hard part). She does a pretty good job at vacuming, unloading the clothes from the washing machine to the dryer, and putting the clean silverware away from the dish washer. It really is nice that Malina is starting to be helpful around the house, we will definitely need it when the baby is born!

Ella on the other hand, is only kinda interested in helping, when she feels like it, but mostly she's just not big enough. Malina is a big kid for her age but, Ella is kinda petite. Of course after the baby is born she won't seem so small!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Brand New Blog

I decided to start this new blog as a way to include more of the Howard family doings as a whole--not just baby stuff. Which is why it is pretty ironic that our first big announcement is that we are expecting our third little Howard!!! I had my first doctor's appointment yesterday and it has been officially confirmed that I am now 13 weeks prego. Which means I'm also out of the first trimester and hopefully almost out of the morning sickness. (a.k.a.: the anytime/ anywhere sickness)

I don't want to be the whiny pregnant lady who has had 2 kids, and really, I can't hack a little moring sickness the THIRD time around? Well that's just it, I NEVER got morning sickness with the first 2 kiddos, and this time around it is just throwing me for a loop. I've tried: little frequent meals, hard lemon candy, and peppermint tea but "it" still comes up when it if there are any veteran moms with a few good secrets, I wouldn't mind some motherly advice! (even if your not my mom) :)

The Doctor did send me home with ultrasound pix of my tiny little baby, so I'm gonna see if I can find a way to get them on here a little bit later, right now I'm off to work!